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Kimberly Adams is Marketplace’s senior Washington correspondent and the co-host of the Marketplace podcast, “Make Me Smart.” She regularly hosts other Marketplace programs, and reports from the nation’s capital on the way politics, technology, and economics show up in our everyday lives. Her reporting focuses on empowering listeners with the tools they need to more deeply engage with society and our democracy.

Adams is also the host and editor of APM’s "Call to Mind", a series of programs airing on public radio stations nationwide aimed at changing the national conversation about mental health.

Previously, Kimberly was a foreign correspondent based in Cairo, Egypt, reporting on the political, social, and economic upheaval following the Arab Spring for news organizations around the world. She has received awards for her work from the National Press Club, the National Association of Black Journalists, the Religion Communicators Council, and the Association for Women in Communication.

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Campaign donors hope money makes the difference in hotly contested states

Federal campaigns get much of the spotlight, but state and local races can be as consequential for residents' lives. Funders know that.
Millions of dollars are being spent to sway voters on state-level ballot initiatives.
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Report shows why some kids are struggling at school

Jun 11, 2024
The economic life of a child at home has a direct relationship to how things go at school, per the Kids Count Data Book from the Annie E. Casey Foundation.
"Kids are not entering the classroom with their basic needs met," said Leslie Boissiere of the Annie E. Casey Foundation. "As a result of that, their academic achievement is suffering."
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The advent of travel and leisure season fuels demand for staff

Jun 7, 2024
The post-COVID rebound for restaurants and other hospitality businesses has created opportunities for younger and older workers.
With spending and hiring up, the leisure and hospitality industry is bringing on both younger and older workers than it did prior to the pandemic.
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A tax break to encourage homeownership primarily helps the wealthy

Jun 3, 2024
Economists argue the home mortgage interest deduction doesn't really work and costs the federal government tens of billions of dollars a year.
To be eligible for the home mortgage interest deduction, a buyer would have to be among the 11% of taxpayers who itemize their returns. Above, a home for sale in Damascus, Maryland.
Kimberly Adams/ Marketplace
Consumers are starting to change behavior due to sustained higher prices, which have drained savings and pushed more people to rely on credit.
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Trump campaign will now accept crypto contributions

May 27, 2024
The Federal Election Commission says crypto donations are subject to the same rules and contribution limits as conventional contributions are — but some states ban them, as the currencies are harder to trace and regulate.
The Donald Trump campaign recently announced it will accept campaign contributions in cryptocurrencies.
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Tax breaks are popular. They also cost the federal government more than $1 trillion a year.

May 24, 2024
In the debate over the debt and deficit, experts say tax breaks that skew toward the wealthy deserve as close a look as government spending.
“The IRS has basically been turned into not just a revenue-collection agency, but also basically a welfare agency having to give people goodies and tax breaks for all sorts of different things that they do," economist Gerald Prante says.
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When assessing inflation, it's not just the data, it's also the narrative

May 17, 2024
The CBO data show purchasing power rising across all income groups, but the numbers reflect averages, and individuals' experiences vary.
According to the Congressional Budget Office, purchasing power went up across all income groups because incomes grew faster than prices between 2019 and 2023.
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New drugs transform weight loss industry

May 9, 2024
Weight Watchers holds its annual shareholder meeting today, which includes a presentation by departing board member Oprah Winfrey.
Since weight loss drugs like Wegovy have come onto the scene, the weight loss industry has grown from $76 billion a year to nearly $90 billion in 2023.
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Joint fundraising: A campaign strategy to increase contributions

In the lead-up to the 2024 general election, joint fundraising committees have collected $1 billion in contributions so far.
Brendan Smialowski/AFP via Getty Images