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Small businesses work to keep up on social media

For mom and pop, the Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and Instagram can be tricky.
Posted In: mom-and-pop shops, bakery, social media, Small Business

Getting tickets for the NBA Finals is a game itself

For season ticket holders, figuring out who goes to NBA Finals can be complicated.
Posted In: nba finals, tickets, Miami Heat

Why the business card keeps on keepin' on

Even in the digital age, paper business cards find a way to stand out now and then.
Posted In: business cards

'Lexus lanes' and the price of saving time

Express lane tolling systems were designed to keep lanes free by jacking up prices during peak periods. But it turns out rush-hour drivers aren't discouraged by sky-high tolls.
Posted In: Transportation, toll lanes, express lanes, freeway, cars

Your employer may know you're reading this

Companies are closely watching employees -- tracking everything from smartphones to big-rigs.
Posted In: workplace, surveillance

Is Carnival's 'Triumph' cruise ship forever besmirched?

Carnival's sullied cruise ship Triumph relaunches today. Can the ship bounce back after its public relations disaster earlier this year?
Posted In: cruise, cruise ships

Hey, want a free roller coaster? Wait... no?

Owners of the abandoned Dania Beach Hurricane are trying to give the roller coaster's lumber and steel to charity. So far, there are no takers.
Posted In: non-profit, donations, Florida

Sawgrass Mills Mall draws tourists to Florida

South American tourists flock to Sunrise, Fla., to shop at one of the biggest discount malls.
Posted In: Retail, Florida

Miami Heat tickets are red-hot

It's the last game of the year in Miami, and the Heat could clinch the NBA title tonight. So have fun trying to pay for a ticket.
Posted In: Sports, NBA, Miami Heat

Florida gets more jobs, but maybe not the right kind

Florida has long relied on tourism to drive its economy, but the state wants more technology firms and other skilled jobs.
Posted In: Florida, Jobs


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