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Congolese seek economic stability after fall of militant group

After two decades of bloodshed, the Democratic Republic of Congo and the main rebel group in the country are expected to sign a peace deal today. Could this be the development needed to put this country, rich in natural resources, on a path toward economic stability?
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U.S. high-speed rail: Express to ... where?

An advocacy group pushing high-speed rail in the U.S. begins its annual meeting.
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Expensive cancer treatment centers spreading to small cities

Even though they are not proven to be more effective than traditional treatment methods, more than a dozen proton beam therapy centers are under construction across the country, including one in Shreveport, Louisiana.
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Fill up your gas tank, pay off your car loan

The maker of a three-wheeled vehicle wants to get rid of the monthly car payment altogether.
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At Fashion Week, social media spreads the 'fabulous'

Fashion Week's traditional runway shows may not be cost effective for many designers.
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Louisiana alligator hunters set to reel in profits

For the next month, it's open season on wild alligators in the Bayou State, and it's big business for hunters and luxury fashion houses like Hermes and Gucci.
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Cotton no longer king in Louisiana

Southern farmers have largely turned away from planting cotton, because grain crops are more profitable.
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Lumber mills buzzing again in Louisiana

Louisiana manufacturers that produce lumber plan to reopen and expand factories, as nationwide housing market shows steady recovery.
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NRA's charity trains a whole new generation of gun owners

As the NRA hosts its annual meeting in Houston, a look at its charitable programs for shooting sports. Fundraisers for "Friends of the NRA" have seen record crowds.
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Manufacturers consider buying former GM plants

Dozens of shuttered GM plants across the country are for sale, and a recent uptick in manufacturing means there are many interested buyers.
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