Karl Baker

Karl Baker joined Marketplace in January of 2012.  Before coming to New York, he worked as a commercial fisherman, an English teacher, and a part-time reporter for KBCS radio.  He's also currently a student in business and economic reporting at NYU.

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A recent report from the Bureau of Economic Analysis about the health of the economy in the fourth quarter of 2011 shows a 20 percent spike in investment -- a sign that businesses are back to spending, not hoarding, their money.
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Who's in the union?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics report, 11.8 percent of workers counted themselves amongst the ranks of organized labor in 2011, almost half the number recorded in 1983 -- the first year that data was available. Here, a union worker stands in the road at the front gate of the Rio Tinto Borax mine on the day after mine owners locked out about 540 employees and called in replacement workers, on Feb. 1, 2010 in Boron, Calif.
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