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Egyptians turn to 'gray market' for dollars

A foreign currency shortage has Egyptians turning to informal dollar exchanges to keep businesses going.
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In Kenya election, the issue in one region is oil

Oil was discovered in the Turkana region of northwest Kenya one year ago. Now local people fear they will be displaced and won't get a fair share of any future oil profits.
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In Kenya, increasing interest in data mining

The growth of Kenya's increasingly-affluent middle class has brought a consumer explosion. Now there's mounting international interest in mining that data to improve businesses' profitability.
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Egypt's army is still a force in the economy

Egypt's army has economic interests ranging from construction to tourism. Getting it to focus just on soldiering may not be easy.
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Detained: My story of interrogation by the Egyptian military

Freelance reporter Julia Simon describes her 12-hour detention in Egypt while reporting a story for Marketplace.
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Egyptian economy still chugging along amid protests

Egyptians began voting today in the first phase of parliamentary elections. The country's economy has hit a hard patch, but not quite come to a halt.
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Economy weighs on Egyptians' minds as they vote for a new parliament.

Many plan to vote for a the party associated with the Muslim Brotherhood, whose charity efforts are well known to Egypt's poor. But some worry the Brotherhood may not make the economy a priority if it's chosen to form the next government.
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Fast food in Tunisia

International restaurant chains think a newly democratic Tunisia could be a promising place to set up shop. Tunisians love their own version of fast food, but some say they'd welcome the occasional cheeseburger.

Egyptian labor organizes

In post-Mubarak Egypt, an organized labor movement is taking shape.

U.S. company Noble Energy begins drilling in Cyprus

A Texas-based oil company discovered a large supply of deep water natural gas in the Mediterranean and plans to begin drilling this week. That's causing big tension with countries in the region.
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