Joy Smithson is the program director for the financial stability initiative at United Way of Southeast Mississippi. A Tennessee native, Joy earned her Ph.D. in Communication Studies from The University of Southern Mississippi. Her dissertation focused on financial communication in romantic relationships and her research interests center around financial attitudes, financial behaviors, financial conflict, and financial decision-making.


Features by Joy Smithson - Love and money expert

Financial Feud: Separate vs. Joint marital finances

Brice and his wife keep their finances separate but constantly argue when it comes to paying bills. She wants to keep things split. He wants to budget better for joint expenses. Our experts offer advice.
Posted In: Budgeting, Personal Finance

Financial Feud: Buy organics vs. Be frugal

What do you think of organic groceries? Worth paying more for or a waste of money? Our experts offer advice to a listener from Atlanta, Georgia. See what they say and tell us whose side you're on.
Posted In: food costs, organics

Financial Feud: Buy a Jacuzzi vs. Save the money

A listener from Seattle, Wash. recently argued with his wife over a Jacuzzi. She wants one. He thinks it's a bad investment. Who's right? Find out what our experts say.
Posted In: big-ticket purchases
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