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Looking at the future of the TV

Higher definition? Interactive programming? More movies at home? We look at what's next for TV.
Posted In: television, interactive, techsplainer

Techsplainer: What the heck is an IP address?

For the first edition of Marketplace Tech's new segment answering your tech questions, we look at IP addresses.
Posted In: techsplainer

The lack of (legal) options for whistleblowers after Wikileaks

In a post-Wikileaks world, it's harder than ever to be a whistleblower.
Posted In: Julian Assange, wikileaks, whistleblowers

Every scholarly article archived online

Prestigious institutions are joining forces to preserve literature.
Posted In: Perma, online archive, scholarly articles, literature

How Facebook plans to takeover the developing world

Facebook wants to be the Internet portal for mobile users. Those users won't likely have smartphones -- instead flip phones and text messages will connect them to the web.
Posted In: Facebook, developing countries, mobile, mobile apps

Could retail tracking lead to customer discrimination?

Retail stores have moved beyond Internet cookies to physical tracking, what's the big deal?
Posted In: Retail, surveillance, big data, web tracking

The end of Google Reader, the end of an era

We've said it before but this time, it's for real. Google's RSS feed Google Reader will be cutting off users from retrieving their RSS data on Monday.
Posted In: Google, google reader

Is vacation rental site Airbnb illegal?

Last week a judge in New York ruled online vacation rental site Airbnb is violating laws against running illegal hotels.
Posted In: hotels, Internet, e-commerce, rental

Measuring the unintended consequences of drones

What are the unintended consequences of pilotless drone aircraft used to kill suspected terrorists overseas?
Posted In: drones, Barack Obama

Everything you need to know about CISPA

CISPA passed in the House of Representatives. But what is the bill and what will it do for privacy and data?
Posted In: SOPA, PIPA, CISPA, online privacy


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