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Dutch winemaker saves old French vineyard

In France, land for development is at a premium, and vineyards are threatened, but Dutch winemaker Cornelius Kamerbeek saved one in the city of Nice.
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France accused of fostering market in hostages

Despite official denials, France is accused of being too ready to pay ransoms for hostages -- and so encouraging kidnappers to abduct its citizens.
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Plans for Napoleon Bonaparte theme park move forward

New government funding means the next big theme park in Europe may be "Napoleonland." A commercial tribute to the 19th century French emperor could open in a small town outside Paris.
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'Pimp My Ride' has its fans in Morocco

Customizing cars is becoming a major craze in Morocco after the American television show “Pimp My Ride” wins many fans.
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In noise-averse Paris, 'silent discos' spread

Many young Parisians want to listen to loud music, but don’t want to annoy their neighbors -- so they’re using headphones at their parties.
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Baguettes straight from the vending machine

In Paris, a baker has invented a vending machine that will satisfy your midnight snack attack for fresh bread.
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Delayed bailout payment to Greece deepens concern in Europe, U.S.

Markets are down again today on fears that Europe won't be able to dig out of its debt crisis.


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