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How philanthropic is 'prize philanthropy'?

Giving and volunteering leaves you with a warm, fuzzy feeling, but for companies that do the same, it may give them a whole lot of free publicity.
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Don't underestimate the nurse

Confusion about health care is nothing new, but now there is a growing industry trying to ease that confusion. Reporter Joel Rose has a profile of one such person.
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Jewish museum debates following culture or integration

The new National Museum of American Jewish History is set to open this weekend in Philadelphia. It's housed right next to Independence Mall and the Liberty Bell, which could mean great attendance. But that also means the museum should be open on Saturdays, which goes against Jewish religious law.

Philly businesses hope for playoff profit

Major League Baseball's playoffs resume this weekend with games in Arlington, Texas, and Philadelphia. Postseason games mean extra revenue for the teams involved, and lots of other local businesses. Joel Rose takes us to some businesses in Philly.
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No 'blog tax' in Philadelphia

But the city has an unrelenting small business tax that requires you to pay taxes on any money you make -- even if it's just $11 a year from Google Ads.
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Location gone mass market

Location via smart phone is the latest part of consumers that marketers and companies are latching onto. Reporter Joel Rose takes himself on a tour of Philadelphia for a smart phone scavenger hunt.
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Toll Bros. goes after distressed assets

Toll Brothers, the nation's largest builder of luxury homes, reported its first quarterly profit in three years. Analysts chalked it up mostly to lower write-downs. Joel Rose reports the company is looking for more growth by launching a new subsidiary to buy distressed assets.
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The Army Experience Center: Mission accomplished?

The Army Experience Center in a mall in Philadelphia is a teched-out wonderland with a Black Hawk simulator and military video games galore. But the Center is closing its doors after two years, even though the Army says its stint at the mall was a successful one.

Why pay for MP3s, when you can P2P?

Marketplace's Joel Rose looks into why some still pay for music, when it is so easy to download free music with peer-to-peer technology.
Posted In: Entertainment, Internet

PA looks at loosening beer law

Pennsylvania has some of the strictest liquor laws in the U.S., with beer only available in whole cases at wholesalers or in bars and restaurants. But new proposals might loosen restrictions on beer sales. Joel Rose reports.
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