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Kathryn Ginsberg, a University of Puget Sound alumna and chemistry major, collects wastewater that will be tested for trace levels of pharmaceutical drugs from a sewer. The work was a precursor to research on marijuana.

Using sewage to measure habits in the legal pot market

Think of it like an anonymous, communitywide drug test.
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Restaurant chains have moved, or are moving toward removing artificial ingredients from their menu items.

Rewriting the recipe for healthy fast food

Eateries like Chipotle and Taco Bell ditch GMOs and dyes, but to what benefit?
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Gamer Tanyn Hellstrom brings up World of Warcraft characters on a laptop at Black Wolf Gamers Club in Spokane Valley, WA.

After 11 years, 'World of Warcrack' is less addictive

Subscribers are dropping as more "World of Warcraft" players move to mobile.
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Are music festivals a bubble waiting to burst?

They've grown from just a handful across the country to hundreds.
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Turkish firm moves to trademark Idaho's state name

It may sound like a Thanksgiving dinner food fight, but it's actually a serious battle over knock-offs. Potato-proud Idaho is fighting against Turkey, the country.
Posted In: turkey, idaho, potatoes, trademark

Survivalists drive housing market in Idaho

Homebuyers preparing for a disaster -- natural, economic or otherwise -- have helped the housing market in remote north Idaho weather the downturn.
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