Jennifer 8. Lee is a writer, journalist, digital producer, and trustee of Awe­some Food, part of the Awe­some Foun­da­tion. She is the author of "The Fortune Cookie Chronicles."


Features by Jennifer 8. Lee

Ode to the 'Start button'

Microsoft's iconic workhorse is gone from the latest version of Windows.
Posted In: windows 8, computers, start button, windows, Microsoft

The disappearing book

You'll see a lot of top ten lists this week, including one for books. But are those page turners about to vanish?
Posted In: What Now?, Books, e-books

Magnifying Your Money

Micro grants turn a tiny amount of donated money into something big. Commentator Jennifer 8 Lee describe how it works.
Posted In: philanthropy, Charitable giving

How to give, awesomely

One organization is using small grants to create projects throughout the world. It's an example of microphilanthropy.
Posted In: philanthropy, Charitable giving
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