Jen Miller is a freelance writer and proud denizen of the Garden State.  She's the author of "Book a Week with Jen: 1 Year, 52 Books, and the Year of Starting a New Chapter."


Features by Jen Miller

I heart New Jersey... despite its high property taxes

Commentator Jen Miller could up and leave the Garden State with its high taxes. But is the grass -- and the tax savings -- really any greener someplace else?
Posted In: new jersey, Taxes

The joys of unplugging

Writer Jen Miller used to dread being away from her e-mail inbox. But after taking a real vacation, her attitude about unplugging has changed.
Posted In: vacation, unplugging

My mom, the comeback kid

Jen Miller's face -- and her money habits -- mirror her mother's.
Posted In: Personal Finance, parents, mom, mother's day

Healing in a new home

When commentator Jen Miller's love hit the rocks, she did something unusual -- she called a mortgage broker. But she didn't lose her head.
Posted In: home, purchase, mortgage

The high price of running

For commentator Jen Miller marathon training is totally worth the sweat, blood and tears -- and the money. She says it's a different kind of investment.
Posted In: Running

Picking a College 101

Students are deciding what college to attend. So here's some advice: Choose the one that's cheaper.
Posted In: Education
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