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Obama heads to Latin America

President Obama gets set to talk trade with counterparts in Brazil, Chile and El Salvador.

Bill eases how U.S. sues foreign firms

During the housing boom, homebuilders used defective drywall in homes in 23 states. Prosecuting its manufacturer in China has been a jurisdictional nightmare, but a bill may change things. Dan Grech reports.
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Clinton promises fiscal help for Congo

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton visited the Democratic Republic of Congo this morning. Clinton promised to send a team of U.S. experts to help the resource-rich country with fiscal management. Dan Grech reports.

Cement giant chips away at debt

Mexican cement maker Cemex went from operating one small plant to becoming a multinational success story. But huge growth came at a high price, and the company is now trying to refinance $15 billion of debt. Dan Grech reports.
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Obama to address U.S.-Mexico truck tiff

President Obama is headed to Guadalajara, Mex. to speak with his counterparts in Canada and Mexico about the recovery of the auto industry. One topic of discussion, and a particular sore spot, is the issue of cross-border trucking. Dan Grech reports.
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Argentine soccer put on hold

Argentine soccer fans are passionate about their sport, so for the game to be put on hold for financial reasons is a big blow to society. But Argentine soccer clubs owe $80 million in back taxes and $8 million more in salaries. Dan Grech reports.
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Travelers irked by Web travel sites fees

A new study shows that consumers are dissatisfied with online travel Web sites due to hidden fees often tacked on to purchases. Some travelers are even turning to old-fashioned travel agents. Dan Grech reports.
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Why Cuba's economy is sputtering

Cuban President Raul Castro has announced that it will cut spending on education and health care to revive its faltering economy. Dan Grech reports on why the island's economy is hurting.

Health care reform hit with recess

It's recess time in Congress, and President Obama still hasn't reached his goal of putting health care reform on the fast track. Dan Grech explores how a five-week break might influence the proposed bill.
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Cost cuts reap profit for Radio Shack

Consumer electronics retailer Radio Shack is profiting during the downturn with the help of fierce cost-cutting and a focus on accessories. The company has also cornered a consumer niche: the do-it-yourselfer. Dan Grech reports.
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