Daisy Palacios

Senior Producer


Daisy is the senior producer for “Marketplace Tech,” where she leads a team of collaborative producers and hosts in covering the latest tech trends and examining how technology impacts the economy and our daily lives.

Before that, she was a producer and editor working mostly on stories that appeared on Marketplace’s flagship afternoon program. Over the years, Daisy has field produced stories across the country on a wide array of topics — small business, immigration, manufacturing, trade, elections and natural disaster recovery. She also spent time on Marketplace’s “This Is Uncomfortable” podcast producing stories about how money shapes identities and affects relationships.

Daisy was born and raised in Los Angeles. She is a graduate of California State University, Long Beach, where she was a reporter for the campus radio news show.

Latest Stories (157)

Weathering the economic storm, this small-business owner remains optimistic

Feb 6, 2023
Like other retail businesspeople, Amelia Freeman-Lynde of Durham, North Carolina, has grappled with supply chain and staffing issues.
Amelia Freeman-Lynde owns Freeman's Creative, a craft shop in Durham, North Carolina. "Not only is it year over year been a really different business, but every month,” she says.
Jade Wilson/Courtesy Freeman-Lynde

Remote workers increase demand for co-working spaces

Jan 26, 2023
"We've had a huge increase in co-working memberships and demand for that, as well as meeting room rentals," said Audrey Hoyt, co-owner of The Pioneer Collective.
Audrey Hoyt and her husband started their business, The Pioneer Collective, seven years ago.
Courtesy Audrey Hoyt

These NY farmers are building a space to teach Black people about farming

Jan 12, 2023
Ashanti Williams and Arian Rivera of the Black Yard Farm Collective talk about moving their farm to a new location and working with kids.
"It's a just kind of getting reacquainted with — or getting acquainted with — new land and building infrastructure," Ashanti Williams says of relocating the Black Yard Farm Collective.
StockSeller_ukr/Getty Images

What does it mean when the Federal Reserve uses its “tools”?

Mar 29, 2022
The Fed’s tools can only go so far. “All of this activity relies on the other institution at the end of the transaction,” said economics professor Nina Eichacker.
Fed Chair Jerome Powell speaking last week at the NABE Economic Policy Conference. "We aim to use our tools to moderate demand growth, thereby facilitating continued, sustainable increases in employment and wages," he said.
Samuel Corum/Getty Images

Workers are hanging up business casual for business comfort, Stitch Fix CEO says

Feb 16, 2022
"We hear about two-thirds of our consumers saying they're ready to swap out clothes," Elizabeth Spaulding says.
"I definitely was wearing sweatpants and leggings," Elizabeth Spaulding says of working from home. She stepped into the role of Stitch Fix CEO in August.
Courtesy Stitch Fix

This microbusiness owner is riding a roller-coaster

Feb 2, 2022
Running a microbusiness in a pandemic economy is tough. Businesses that rely on human interaction have to be creative to survive.
Amelia Freeman-Lynde, who owns Freeman's Creative in North Carolina, has seen many small businesses suffer hard knocks recently. “It's kind of like, pull yourself up or get out of the game,” she said.
Alex Manness/Courtesy Amelia Freeman-Lynde

Two years into the pandemic, this microbusiness owner is still on "a roller coaster"

Jan 19, 2022
"My brain is tired from adapting so much," says Ashlie Ordonez, owner of The Bare Bar in Denver, Colorado.

As a microbusiness, surviving the pandemic means taking it one day at a time

Jan 11, 2022
On top of pandemic disruptions, supply chain issues make running a business — including a small cheese shop — even more challenging.
Lydia Clarke owns DTLA Cheese in downtown Los Angeles. Nothing is easy for the business right now, she says. “It's a constant pivot.”
Photo courtesy Lydia Clarke

The freelance economy has grown since the start of the pandemic

Dec 8, 2021
Upwork's latest study found that amid the Great Resignation, more professionals are considering freelance work in the future.
Marketplace's Chris Farrell discusses the future of work and who stands to benefit the most from it.
Ilona Titova via Getty Images

"Digital-first mentality" will accelerate for shoppers and sellers, Visa CEO says

Dec 1, 2021
Despite the omicron variant, "the recovery we're in has an awful lot of momentum," says Visa chief Al Kelly.
Visa has launched its own buy now, pay later service called Visa Installments. CEO Al Kelly advises small businesses to create effective websites and be adaptable.
Arturo Holmes/Getty Images for NYFW: The Shows