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Construction crews work on $35 million renovation of Cleveland’s Public Square ahead of the Republican National Convention.

The conventions are coming...

Cleveland and Philadelphia gear up for Republican and Democratic national conventions.
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'Christmas Story' house gives back to Cleveland

Money raised from tours of house used in the movie helps fix up nearby homes.
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U.S. steelmakers battle against cheap imports, again

China and South Korea are dumping cheap steel into the market
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Why movie crews are headed to Ohio

Ohio's film tax credits have drawn movie crews back to Cleveland, but there's debate as to whether the tax breaks truly deliver.
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Far-flung relatives now watch funerals online

Turns out online funerals aren’t just for celebrities. More and more families across the U.S. are looking at them as a way to cut costs, and include more friends and relatives.
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What's a boon for manufacturing? One word: Plastics

Rust Belt manufacturing isn't just about steel -- an uptick in business is boosting plastics, aluminum, and other products as well.
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Mild winter helps some businesses, hurts others

For some businesses that shut down during the winter, the mild weather this winter has been an economic shot in the arm. For others, not so much.
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Manufacturing jobs up in Ohio

Most of the growth comes from an unexpected source. Politicians jockey to take credit.
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Rust Belt rolls dice and builds new casinos

Pennsylvania, Michigan and Illinois are on board with casinos, hoping to drive tourism to down-on-their-luck communities. Now Ohio is getting into the game.
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Homegrown alcohol industry a bright spot for Ohio

Liquor sales have risen even as the state's economy has slumped. In turn, Ohio is embracing its homegrown booze industry.
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