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Nashville: luring more than young musicians these days

In the last four years, Nashville has grown by more than it did in the prior decade.
Posted In: Nashville, employment, Millennial Generation
Women attend an Operation reinvent session at Fort Campbell.

Un-boot camp for women exiting the military

The unemployment rate for post-9/11 veterans remains higher for women than men.
Posted In: military, veterans, employment

For Chattanooga, Volkswagen emmissions news is local

VW brought more than the 1,500 jobs and a billion dollar plant to town.
Posted In: Volkswagen, tennessee, tailpipe emissions
Dana Eckman, who directs Nashville's pre-K program, says she sees the Vanderbilt University study as a chance to improve instruction

Study questions value of Tennessee preschool program

Old-school academics could explain lagging students. Critics say report is flawed.
Posted In: Education, education costs, preschool, preschool funding

Should only farmers be allowed to sell in farmers markets?

Defining what a farmers market is can be difficult.
Posted In: farmers market, farmers, Nashville

Nuclear renaissance ebbs at largest public utility

The Tennessee Valley Authority is scaling back its plans for more nuclear power.
Posted In: nuclear power, natural gas, energy conservation, Tennessee Valley Authority

Farmers chafe at Tennessee's hemp regulations

Farmers are stoked about reviving an age-old crop. But they don't like the rules.

Volkswagen deal revs up union hopes in the South

The UAW is trying to organize workers in the South, where auto jobs are growing.
Posted In: UAW, Volkswagen, Nissan

Andre Agassi’s pivot to education capitalist

Former tennis star Andre Agassi has spent the last few years building schools. Recently, he has stopped doing it out of pure generosity.
Posted In: Agassi, charter schools, philanthropy
Coding teachers

There aren't enough teachers with coding skills

Teachers learn to code on the fly as more districts incorporate digital requirements.
Posted In: coding, teachers


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