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Nuclear renaissance ebbs at largest public utility

The Tennessee Valley Authority is scaling back its plans for more nuclear power.
Posted In: nuclear power, natural gas, energy conservation, Tennessee Valley Authority

Farmers chafe at Tennessee's hemp regulations

Farmers are stoked about reviving an age-old crop. But they don't like the rules.

Volkswagen deal revs up union hopes in the South

The UAW is trying to organize workers in the South, where auto jobs are growing.
Posted In: UAW, Volkswagen, Nissan

Andre Agassi’s pivot to education capitalist

Former tennis star Andre Agassi has spent the last few years building schools. Recently, he has stopped doing it out of pure generosity.
Posted In: Agassi, charter schools, philanthropy
Coding teachers

There aren't enough teachers with coding skills

Teachers learn to code on the fly as more districts incorporate digital requirements.
Posted In: coding, teachers

Nashville tries to boost civic pride with an investment fund

Having a single share is like buying stock in all of Nashville's public companies.
Posted In: Nashville, ETFs

Volkswagen brings German-style vocational training to the US

In Germany, more than half of high school graduates go into vocational programs.
Posted In: Volkswagen, cars, vocational training, labor

Chicken: The relatively cheaper meat

With beef and pork prices rising, many restaurants push chicken dishes.
Posted In: chicken, beef, pork

How one Tennessee county kept unemployment so low

Why one resident of Lincoln County, Tenn. says: "We're lucky, I guess."
Posted In: tennessee, South, factories

What happens when you put rich and poor students together in charter schools?

One knock on charter schools is the lack of diversity -- filled with either all minority and low-income students, or mostly affluent students. Some charter schools see a benefit to pulling students from both sides of the tracks.
Posted In: Education, charter schools


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