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Home foreclosures up in first half of the year

In RealtyTrac's mid-year report, the real estate data company says the U.S. housing market is in for a long, painful recovery.
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Wall Streeters won't be at Obama fundraisers

President Obama is holding some high-profile fundraisers in Manhattan tonight for the Democrats, but Wall Street players aren't expected to attend.
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When consumers stop buying, Kingsport feels it

Kingsport, Tenn. has a population of about 45,000 and a big chemical factory. Jeremy Hobson checks in as he explores the economy outside of Wall Street.
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Stimulus played huge role in economic recovery

A new report shows government stimulus programs passed last year were key to the economic recovery so far.
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Obama and Wall Street -- where did our love go?

The president's in Manhattan tonight to raise money ... Why Wall Street executives may be no-shows....
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Tax breaks and lease options will ease Volt's $41K price tag

Once pegged the product that would save General Motors, the Chevy Volt will cost drivers more than the company originally planned. But buyers have a few options to avoid paying the full price.
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MID-DAY UPDATE: BP says the spill will cost $32 BD. And that's...

/**/ ... good news? Well, not as bad as feared. (Hope the Gulf can say the same.) Home prices up, but consumer confidence down. Big manufac...
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BP's 2Q profit absorbed in $32B oil spill cost

BP earned $5 billion in the second quarter, a higher figure over this time last year. The company will now rope the profits into the overall loss.
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MID-DAY UPDATE: June new home sales rebound 24 percent ...

/**/ ...And they're STILL at the second-lowest level on record. So there must be plenty of new houses on the market, right? Nope -- fewest i...
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