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Why NFL teams should think twice about coming to LA

In the NFL, having a team in a big city is not necessarily better.
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Are pro sports teams economic winners for cities?

A baseball team has about the same economic impact as a midsize department store.
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As unions decline, dockworkers still have clout

Their union has the power to shut down all 29 ports on the West Coast.
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President Barack Obama speaks in Washington, D.C. about a failed procedural vote on a bill to raise the minimum wage to $10.10 an hour.

The accidental origin of the $15 minimum-wage movement

Push to unionize workers in tiny town outside Seattle ignites a national cause.
Posted In: minimum wage, local economy, local government
USC Tunnel

Big college football donors pay for access, even glory

Now you too and run out onto the field... for about $1,500.
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Kershaw Bobblehead

Bobbleheadmania hits Dodger Stadium

What really brings baseball fans to the stadium? Free giveaways.
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Demonstrators protest

Clippers sold to former Microsoft CEO for $2 billion

Steve Ballmer has won the bidding war for the Los Angeles Clippers.
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Casino buses get lots of business, despite mounting accidents

Casino buses are only loosely regulated by the federal government, despite a spate of recent crashes
Posted In: casinos, buses, transporation

Ride-sharing vs. taxis: in many cities, the competition is on

Now that California has recognized ride-sharing, taxi companies have to learn how to compete with it
Posted In: taxis, Uber, ride sharing

Instead of airport parking, some fliers now rent out their cars

A new company headed by 19-year-olds wants to be the Airbnb of cars.
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