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Charitable foundations look towards impact investing

Most charitable foundations take a big pot of money, usually bequeathed by a rich guy, and invest it for profit -- then take those profits and donate to charity. Great system … unless you aren't actually earning a profit.
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Amtrak asks for subsidies in wake of Hurricane Sandy

On Capitol Hill today, fiscal conservatives are likely to argue against the hundreds of millions of dollars in subsidies that go to Amtrak each year. But Hurricane Sandy showed you need to spend if you want to save.
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Rental cars scarce in NYC for Thanksgiving

Hurricane Sandy damaged hundreds of thousands of cars, so it's been tough to find a rental in time for holiday travel.
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Social enterprises use morality to attract investors

Social enterprises increasingly use morality and fair trading claims to attract investors rather than customers. Runa Tea is one.
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Making housing more affordable in Mexico

New initiatives aim to make home ownership and house building more affordable for millions more Mexicans.
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Mexico experiments with the 'branchless' bank

With costs to open rural bank branches prohibitive, tech companies look to turn payphones into virtual banks.
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JOBS Act boosts startups through 'crowdfunding'

With the JOBS Act, small companies can now get off the ground by selling stock on the Internet to everyday people -- without going through the hassle of a stock exchange.
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Haiti marks earthquake’s second anniversary

Though billions of dollars of aid was promised after the 7.0 earthquake in Haiti two years ago, much reconstruction work remains to be done.
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Entrepreneurs crowd into social ventures

A new crop of MBA graduates bring idealism and business discipline to social-good ventures once reserved for nonprofit groups.
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Car shares may double as an extended test drive

On the fence about what car to buy? New car-sharing services like RelayRides and Zipcar are making it easier for people to rent out automobiles and test drive them.
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