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Health care tops voter concerns in the midterm election

Nov 7, 2018
Major issues for voters in the 2018 election were health care, immigration and the economy.

What the midterm results mean for foreign policy and trade

Nov 7, 2018
Democrats took the House, Republicans gained in the Senate. What now for trade?
The sun begins to rise behind the Capitol a day after Americans voted in the midterm elections, on Nov. 7, 2018 in Washington, D.C. Democrats have won control of the House of Representatives while the Senate remains in Republican control.
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The midterms were about the economy, too

Nov 7, 2018
The strong economy may not have been the most popular talking point for politicians, but for voters it still mattered plenty.

Corporate America pushes employees to the polls

Nov 5, 2018
Some companies are making it easier for employees to vote in tomorrow's midterms.
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In the most expensive midterms, money doesn't always go to tight races

Nov 5, 2018
A largely safe GOP district in California draws the most money for a House race. Why?
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Uber and Lyft are offering discounted or free rides to the polls on Tuesday

Nov 5, 2018
What's in it for the ride-sharing businesses?
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