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Matching gifts

Double the impact of your support through a matching gift from your employer. It’s easy to do: Search for your employer or company name below.

Stock gifts

A gift of stock or mutual fund shares can yield tremendous benefits for you and Marketplace. The process is simple! Stockbrokers require delivery instructions in writing.

To make a gift, you will need to give the following information to your broker:

Firm: UBS Financial Services
Primary Contact: Kelli Puhl, (952) 475 -9441
DTC#: 0221

Federal Tax ID #: 41-0953924
For the benefit of Marketplace/American Public Media, Account RPX8140

Contact at American Public Media/Minnesota Public Radio:
Rebecca Brown at or (651) 290-1172

Donor-advised funds

To make a gift through a donor-advised fund, please ask your fund adviser to specify the purpose of the gift as support for Marketplace in the gift letter. The check should be made payable to either American Public Media or Marketplace.

Both the check and the letter should be sent to:

c/o American Public Media
480 Cedar Street
Saint Paul, MN 55101

Donate by phone or check

To donate by check, please mail your gift to:

c/o American Public Media
480 Cedar Street
Saint Paul, MN 55101

To donate by phone, please call American Public Media/Marketplace at 800-562-8440.

Donate a vehicle 

Do you have an unwanted vehicle taking up space in the garage? You can turn it into the journalism you rely on. A vehicle donation makes you a Marketplace Investor, is tax-deductible, and supports the programming you love. 

Learn more about donating a vehicle. 

Estate gifts

Please email to learn more about how you can support the future of public media with a planned gift.

For any other questions about donor-advised funds, stock gifts, or estate gifts please email us.

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To make any other changes to your donation or for other giving questions, contact us via email or call 800-562-8440.