A visit to a crowdsourced automaker

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    A McLaren MP4-12C sports car exits the El Rancho Hotel and Motel.

    - Martyn Goddard

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    A Local Motors Rally Fighter, also called 'The World's First Community Designed Vehicle', flies in the air near a McLaren MP 4-12C sports car.

    - Martyn Goddard

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    A McLaren MP 4-12C sports car stops to refuel.

    - Martyn Goddard

A year ago, Marketplace Tech host David Brancaccio drove solo across the country trying to deal only with technology and no people, as part of a Marketplace series called Robots Ate My Job.

Jamie Kitman, New York editor for Automobile Magazine, is now trying to make the drive the other way -- meeting as many interesting human beings along the trip as he can. Kitman, who is driving a $240,000 McLaren MP 4-12C sports car, caught up with Marketplace Tech on the second day of his journey. He had just completed a visit with an Arizona company -- Local Motors -- that has a fascinating way to design cars: the crowd.

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