Mind Games & Money: A guide to exploring your emotions in personal finance

Mind Games & Money -- Browse other stories in our collaboration with the New York Times. Plus, take our quiz to see how emotional you are about money, see the 15 happiest and saddest U.S. cities based on tweets, and watch a video explainer about "goodwill."

What role do your emotions play when it comes to making financial decisions?

Some people would spend lots of money on their pets. Others get emotionally invested in pursuing their dream job. In a special collaboration with the New York Times, we examine how our feelings influence our personal finances -- from your spouse to your house. We look at why the young and rich are choosing to give away their wealth, how some seniors are taking on more debt because of their family members, and Marketplace host Kai Ryssdal explores what happens when chasing your dream doesn't work out.

To help you gauge how emotional you are about money, we've put together a special grid. Find out how emotion drives your money decisions by taking our quiz. Watch a video explainer about "goodwill" and find out why it's so important to a business. Explore an infographic to see the 15 happiest and saddest U.S. cities based on tweets. Plus, the most and least positive nations worldwide. Also, facts about money and emotions, and helpful tips to keep you stress-free when it comes to your personal finances.

Click here to explore the grid and resize your browser to make it dance.

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