Not your high school science fair: A radio postcard from the Intel Science Talent Search

A radio postcard from the annual Intel Science Talent Search, which gathers together high school students from around the country to show off their innovations.

Remember your high school science fair? Those rooms lined with volcanoes, toy robotics, and potato powered light bulbs? Now, put that science fair on steroids, and you get some impressive innovation such as oil-producing algae and new cancer treatments.

Click on the audio player above to hear a radio postcard from two of the 40 high school students from around the country that gathered in Washington D.C. recently to compete in the annual Intel Science Talent Search. See this years top 10 winners here.

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Ben Johnson is the host of Marketplace Tech.
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Ben Johnson did a nice story about American youth doing something good for their lives and the lives of others with their creative youthful energy. I was shocked to have the story ruined at the end by David Brancaccio with his right-wing anti-tax ideological comment that the First place winner will lose most of the $100,000.00 to taxes! First of Mr. DB, I am sure the cash prize was not their motivation, and would have done the effort if the prize was for zero cash. Your comment tells more about you, who seem to think that money is the only motivation in the world! Secondly, what is your problem with taxes? Ever use a public road, public bridge, dial 911, attend a public university, use medical services provided by doctors whose specialty training in residence is tax payer subsidized? Even your salary DB is from public donations and public taxes….you want your salary reduced to zero? If greed and money and wacko views against taxes are what you are about, then go work for Rush Limbaugh! I expect you to give an ONair apology for your very inappropriate comment, pronto!

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