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Syrian refugee children look on from a window during a sandstorm at a refugee camp in a Lebanon village.

Refugee crisis is bad in Europe, but worse elsewhere

Sep 11, 2015
Most of Syria's 4 million registered refugees are in Jordan, Turkey and Lebanon.
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Documenting art on the US-Mexico border

Sep 11, 2015
Stefan Falke photographs the vibrant culture along the 2,000-mile divide.
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A Syrian refugee with his child looks for necessary items at the 'Bayernkaserne' in Munich, Germany — a place where donations for migrants and refugees have been collected.

Germany accepts more refugees to the dismay of some

Sep 10, 2015
Cities struggle to keep up with the record number of refugees.
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U.S. tourists visit Rio de Janeiro in 2014 on the eve of a football match between France and Ecuador during the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

Strong U.S. dollar is opening doors for tourists

Sep 10, 2015
The weakened Brazilian real may help the country's hospitality industry.
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<span>Syrian refugees outside the German Embassy on the northern outskirts of Beirut, Lebanon on Thursday. President Obama is pushing for the U.S. to accept at least 10,000 Syrian refugees this year.

Quotas are just one hurdle refugees face

Sep 10, 2015
What are the steps to join the resettlement program?
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A Syrian refugee man at an unofficial refugee camp in the area of Arida, north of Beirut, Lebanon back in June of this year.

The cost of misery: migrants in Europe

Sep 9, 2015
Accepting refugees isn't much of an economic threat.
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Syrian and Afghan refugees attend a protest rally to demand to travel to Germany outside a railway station in Budapest.

Migrant crisis continues on Hungary's border

Sep 9, 2015
The BBC spends the day at a holding camp in Roszke.
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Tree bark transforms into fashion in Uganda

Sep 9, 2015
Designers are pushing the boundaries of uses for 'bark cloth.'
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European Union faces refugee quota proposal

Sep 9, 2015
Germany is predicted to accept hundreds of thousands by the end of the year.
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Cage-free chickens aren't necessarily carefree

Sep 9, 2015
McDonald's and others give their egg-layers a little room to spread their wings.
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