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Initial reactions to the European debt deal

Oct 27, 2011
A deal was reached among the leaders in Europe over how to fight off a recession, but is the plan enough to get the job done?

European leaders convene over mounting debt crisis

Oct 26, 2011
Leaders in Europe will meet for a summit today, but the expectation that a firm solution to their problems is looking unlikely.

Muammar Gaddafi potentially killed; waiting on Greek vote

Oct 20, 2011
Reports are out this morning that the former leader of Libya, Muammar Gaddafi, was potentially killed. And Europe hangs in the balance as we await a vote from Greece on austerity measures.

Mid-day Extra: Less foreign baseball scouting in Venezuela

Oct 20, 2011
The Venezuelan government has nationalized many industries, scaring business investors like baseball teams.
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Flooding in Thailand worsens, could affect global economy

Oct 20, 2011
Ongoing flooding in Thailand could soon be felt by businesses worldwide.

France could face Moody's downgrade

Oct 18, 2011
With the European debt crisis looming, Moody's announced that the outlook for France has been revised to negative.

Italian prime minister survives confidence vote

Oct 14, 2011
The Italian parliament votes to keep Silvio Berlusconi's government, but concerns are still strong about how the country will handle its major debt.

G20 leaders prepare for big meetings on European debt crisis

Oct 14, 2011
Leaders of the G20 countries are meeting in Paris today. This meeting comes at a critical time, just before big decisions are supposed to be announced surrounding the eurozone crisis.

Mixed feelings surround decisions in Europe

Oct 11, 2011
European inspectors say Greece will be able to receive the next round of bailout funds in November, and a vote is expected today from Slovakia on an extension of bailout funds in the eurozone.

Slovakia's vote will decide fate of European bailout fund

Oct 11, 2011
A vote today in Slovakia will have big consequences for Europe and the rest of the world.