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Piggy for the uber-frugal

Apr 27, 2012
Kris Keller gets the Marketplace Piggy Award for making sacrifices to stay on budget.
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For a brilliant social media campaign

Apr 13, 2012
A 22-year-old college grad dropped $11 on a domain name and poured all of her Web 2.0 talents into creating the ideal job application for a social media director position.
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For penning a money-savvy rap

Apr 6, 2012
This week's Piggy Award goes to a money-smart teen who practices what she raps.
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For recognizing a scam

Mar 30, 2012
A Big Y supermarket clerk helps a Connecticut woman from falling victim to a scam.
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Piggy for a young saver

Mar 16, 2012
Ten-year-old Richard Chapel mowed lawns for a whole summer for a new basketball hoop.
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Piggy for a personal finance paragon

Mar 2, 2012
Jacqueline Byers' salary is in the low $40,000 range, but she budgets, tracks her spending and saves up for what she really loves -- travel.
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Piggy for a frugal valentine

Feb 24, 2012
Our plastic porcine pal heads to Wisconsin this week, to the home of a man who cooked his way to his wife's heart on Valentine's Day.
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For five years of love and fiscal responsibility

Feb 17, 2012
A marine declares his love for his wife of five years, who along with love diligently sent him burned copies of Marketplace Money every week through two tours of duty.
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For saving, not splurging potential income

Feb 10, 2012
Listeners share what they would do if Congress were to pass legislation to make home refinancing easier -- putting more money in homeowners' pockets.

For starting a 'What happens next?' Fund

Feb 3, 2012
This week's winner thought ahead and created an emergency fund for her and her husband.
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