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This week, interim Money host David Lazarus is joined by Jill Schlesinger of CBS MoneyWatch to answer your personal finance questions. We run talk to people from all different points of life in this week's segments, from a bride to a senior citizen. Jill rolled up her sleeves and helped a soon-to-be bride figure out how to merge (or not merge) her finances with her fiancee's, who has much more debt than she does. The answer is a bit unromantic, but it may eventually lead to a happy ending.

We also talk to a concerned senior citizen about his Social Security number being printed on his MediCare card and how to prevent identify theft. Jill and David also help to alleviate a concerned father who's balancing a difficult business environment, two impending retirements and college for his children. Jill also gives tips on how to break out of the "summer brain freeze" and draw up a family business plan.

Take a listen to the audio above to hear all of David and Jill's advice!

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David Lazarus is an American business and consumer columnist for the Los Angeles Times.
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As I look at the topics on Marketplace Money I see a discussion designed to make people feel as though there is purpose in moving ahead as normal with financial planning while we all know that there looms yet another financial crisis on the very-near horizon and it is not just the Euro crisis.....it is the failure to address the smallest issues regarding Financial Reform and the fact that the market is as leveraged in risk, as criminal, and as unaccountable as before the crisis. So, one would think that a Public Media outlet would be telling people to take their money out of the market, fight against corporate 401Ks that place your money in this market, fight for laws that make saving money in a savings account viable, and stay away from insurance of all kinds as that is the next industry to blow. All insurance is being bundled into high leverage/high risk investments just as with subprime mortgages, so your life insurance investments et all will be lost in a few years as these businesses crash.

Whether the crash and burn bubble economy or the predatory fee and fraud economy......no one should have their money tied to the market now.

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I''m not sure why teachers prefer number 2's; but I think it goes back to those computer graded multiple choice tests, where you filled in the little circles on the answer sheet and then these were feed into a device that scanned for graphite. Apparently the scanner had trouble with the harder or softer lead.

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