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What's up, Europe? ECB plan gives hope, worries Spain

Sep 10, 2012
Markets have been a brighter in the past week after the European Central Bank announced a plan to keep Spain, Italy and other troubled economies afloat. But the possibility of even more austerity on top of sky-high unemployment has the Spanish worried.
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U.S. firms prep for Greece exit from euro

Sep 7, 2012
From adjusting computer systems to moving cash, U.S. companies are putting contingency plans in place in the event Greece bolts the euro.
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ECB plan may increase risk of Greek eurozone exit

Sep 7, 2012
The plan to buy up bonds from troubled Eurozone economies creates a firewall for nations like Greece and Italy -- expelling Greece may now be less risky.
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Draghi levels his big bazooka at eurozone debt

Sep 6, 2012
Making good on earlier promises, European Central Bank chief Mario Draghi has unveiled a huge bond-buying program aimed at tackling the European debt crisis.
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ECB bond-buying plan will only bide time

Sep 6, 2012
The European Central Bank's plan to buy bonds is reminiscent of the Fed's quantitative easing.
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Draghi's bond-buying plan continues push for reform

Sep 6, 2012
European Central Bank president Mario Draghi announced a plan today to buy bonds and relieve market pressure on troubled eurozone countries. But will it work?
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ECB's Mario Draghi unveils bond-buying plan

Sep 6, 2012
Target countries will have to agree to more austerity and economic reforms.
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Can 'Super Mario' Draghi save the eurozone?

Sep 6, 2012
Investors in Europe are calling today "Super Thursday": the day when the head of the European Central Bank Mario Draghi rides to the rescue and saves the euro. Draghi is set to unveil his much-heralded plan to end the eurozone debt crisis.
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The inspectors call... on Greece

Sep 5, 2012
Inspectors from the troika of the European Commission, European Central Bank and International Monetary Fund are checking up on Greece’s austerity measures.
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European debt crisis spreads to the private sector

Sep 4, 2012
Companies in some of the weaker eurozone economies are facing much higher borrowing costs, as much as 50 percent higher than for companies in Germany.
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