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After court verdict, what do I do with Aereo account?

Jun 25, 2014
Now that video streaming company Aereo has lost out to major broadcasters, what will its users do?
Posted In: Aereo, ABC vs. Aereo, Supreme Court, scotus, streaming tv
A selection of 1950s toy robots for an auction of TV and movie toy memorabilia.

Big tech: becoming what it set out to destroy

Jun 19, 2014
News from Apple, Google and Amazon suggest they're betraying their original ideals
Posted In: apple, Google, Amazon, Hachette, YouTube

How a librarian made me a surveillance skeptic

Jun 12, 2014
A year after Snowden, our views on surveillance have yet to change for the better.
Posted In: surveillance, Edward Snowden, Snowden, Patriot Act, data, online surveillance

How I learned to stop worrying and love 'Silicon Valley'

Jun 5, 2014
Looking at this week's numbers, HBO's show about techies looks good and might even survive the fears that it doesn't feature enough women.
Posted In: Silicon Valley, HBO, television, tech industry, women in tech

How did 'driverless' cars become 'self-driving' cars, and should we be worried?

May 28, 2014
A subtle change in how we talk about computer-driven cars speaks volumes about our feelings toward them.
Posted In: self-driving cars, driverless cars, Google, technology

Dentist, mechanic... security expert?

May 22, 2014
In an era of a thousand hacks how does nation of noobs tell when we're being lied to?
Posted In: hacking

What's the best analogy for the Net Neutrality mess?

May 15, 2014
What is the FCC's open Internet battle, exactly?
Posted In: net neutrality

Jonny Greenwood's radio moves

May 8, 2014
How Radiohead inspired a week-long look at computers and music.
Posted In: Playing with Machines

A post mortem for the 'worst video game ever'

Apr 28, 2014
Why there are copies of the game "E.T." for Atari buried in the New Mexico desert.
Posted In: atari, video games

If these dolphins could talk

Apr 9, 2014
Who doesn't want to translate dolphin sounds into human words?
Posted In: dolphins, language



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