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PODCAST: A date with Pluto

Jul 14, 2015
The global oil market, manufacturing clothes in Africa, and New Horizons' date with Pluto.

PODCAST: Dude, where's my sewage?

Jul 13, 2015
Avoiding a "Grexit," Amazon's birthday, and studying sewage in the name of marijuana.
Traders work on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange in New York City.

PODCAST: Glitch, don't kill my vibe

Jul 9, 2015
An update from Athens, more on the NYSE glitch, and ski resorts prepare for summer.

PODCAST: The story of climate change

Jul 8, 2015
Chinese stock markets, climate change, and the cost of health care.

PODCAST: Unlimited vacation

Jul 7, 2015
Oil prices are down, Greeks can't use Paypal, and companies test unlimited vacation.
Plastic bottles and cans took over glass bottles as the drink holder of choice for beverage distributors in the late '50s.

PODCAST: The recycling economy

Jul 6, 2015
Updates on Greece, and the economics of recycling.

PODCAST: Theme park traffic

Jul 3, 2015
Shanghai's shrinking stock market, and theme parks' new attractions.

PODCAST: Rice in Cuba

Jul 2, 2015
Jobs report for June, American rice in Cuba, and lessons to learn for the U.S.

PODCAST: The strong dollar

Jul 1, 2015
A possible deal in Greece, and the strong U.S. dollar.

PODCAST: Greek credit cards

Jun 30, 2015
Relying on credit in times of crisis, the Ex-Im bank expires, and Apple's streaming music service begins.



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