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PODCAST: Housing sales for June

Jul 24, 2015
Home sales, Chinese stock, and President Obama's visit to Kenya.
President's day was once celebrated through bicycle races and bicycle sales.

PODCAST: Improving infrastructure with bikes

Jul 23, 2015
An unemployment low, a healthcare merger, and a bike app that improves infrastructure.

PODCAST: Banking in Cuba

Jul 22, 2015
U.S. and Cuban finances, and a database that helps transgender people find understanding care.

PODCAST: A boom in hotel building

Jul 21, 2015
New bank regulations, Apple earnings, and a new hotel boom.

PODCAST: Fast-tracking doctors

Jul 20, 2015
Gold prices tumble, and doctors get out of school early.

PODCAST: The battle for branding

Jul 17, 2015
The vote on No Child Left Behind, and the battle for college sponsorship.

PODCAST: Lawyers wanted

Jul 16, 2015
Re-opening banks in Greece, Google earnings, and lawyers in rural areas.

PODCAST: The egg crisis caused by the bird flu

Jul 15, 2015
Janet Yellen appears before Congress, Netflix looks to China, and the bird flu causes a problem for bakers.

PODCAST: A date with Pluto

Jul 14, 2015
The global oil market, manufacturing clothes in Africa, and New Horizons' date with Pluto.

PODCAST: Dude, where's my sewage?

Jul 13, 2015
Avoiding a "Grexit," Amazon's birthday, and studying sewage in the name of marijuana.



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