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PODCAST: Hostess to close, Dali on auction

Nov 16, 2012
Hostess Brands has filed for permission to liquidate. Congressional leaders say they've had constructive talks with the president over the fiscal cliff. But would no deal actually mean more money for the states? You can bid on a signed sketch by Salvador Dali that someone dropped off at a Washington Goodwill. And we talk with Eddie Money.

PODCAST: BP pays, Europe's back in recession

Nov 15, 2012
BP will pay the largest criminal penalty in U.S. history for its role in the 2010 Gulf oil spill. Europe is back in recession. The wealth gap between the rich and poor continues to grow. A celebrity telethon from an Occupy Wall Street branch is expected to raise money to pay off the debts of ordinary people. And the latest on the fiscal cliff.

PODCAST: A streetcar donation jar and six bucks for gas

Nov 14, 2012
Signs of big shifts on the way at the Fed and maybe at Netflix. Coming out of the closet in the financial world, more protests in Europe, and whether Kansas City can raise the money for a new streetcar by asking for donations.

Podcast: Out with the new and in with the old

Nov 13, 2012
Bipartisanship is on everyone's lips, but is it in the cards? The head of Microsoft Windows is packing up his laptop and going home. Rethinking the east coast power grid, post-Sandy.

PODCAST: Greece says 'show me the money' and it's not 73 and sunny

Nov 12, 2012
The U.S. is the world's next oil giant. Also, a post-election check in with those swingin' folks we've come to know so well in Loudoun County Virginia. And what Greece and Cuba Gooding Jr. have in common on this Monday.

PODCAST: Apple's stock slides, candy and antiperspirant meet

Nov 9, 2012
President Obama's challenge in a nutshell: Appease Main Street and soothe Wall Street. Apple's stock slides. New York brings back the 70's post-Sandy. Colorado and Washington legalize marijuana. And the economic niche where candy and antiperspirant meet.

PODCAST: An orc victory and stock uncertainty

Nov 8, 2012
California lawmakers acquire a long-lost superpower: Taxation. The start of the once-a-decade change in leadership in China. And Barack Obama's prospects next to other notable two-termers: Reagan, Clinton and Bush the younger.

PODCAST: What Obama's re-election means for the economy

Nov 7, 2012
Now that President Barack Obama has been re-elected, we take a look at what the election results mean for the economy and fiscal cliff. Plus, what role did big money from outside groups play in this election? And we look at what's next for Obamacare, the impact on China, and whether Obama's victory will lead to compromise or more gridlock.

PODCAST: Coffee table books here to stay and 'Shatoetry'

Nov 6, 2012
Threatening to change power companies in the Northeast: Is it all spark and no bite? A check in on Haiti, where Hurricane Sandy ravaged crops. Why pretty pictures are keeping one part of the publishing industry afloat.

PODCAST: Markets watch and wait, a sasquatch blimp inflates

Nov 5, 2012
Markets are taking a chill pill ahead of the election, but for the news media, gentlemen start your engines. TV ads, media guidelines, and a conversation with Univision news anchor Jorge Ramos about immigration. Also a new search for the sasquatch.



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