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The Flex by Fitbit serves as an electronic coach.

PODCAST: Will Fitbit stick?

Jun 17, 2015
Interest rates, undocumented workers in the Dominican Republic, and Fitbit's IPO.

PODCAST: Tux rentals tucker out

Jun 16, 2015
The Pope's opinions on climate change; Humvees and the military; and tuxedo rentals take a tumble.

PODCAST: Is this the year VR will dominate?

Jun 15, 2015
A victory for labor unions; a look at the E3 conference; and reclaiming vacation time.

PODCAST: Binge is the new black

Jun 12, 2015
Trade deals, airline prices, and binge-watching television.

PODCAST: Costco cars

Jun 11, 2015
Retail sales, Costco Cars, and the Mexican midterm elections.
Because hospitals are moving to electronic medical record systems, medical scribes have become in high demand.

PODCAST: Hospital billing

Jun 10, 2015
The German economy, hospital billing, and Etsy's stock woes.

PODCAST: Cutting remittance fees in times of need

Jun 9, 2015
GM and Fiat Chrysler, the latest JOLTS report, and cutting remittance fees.
A Wall Street road sign is pictured near the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) building in New York.

PODCAST: Calpers could shake up Wall Street

Jun 8, 2015
A pension fund shake up, equality for military personnel, and San Francisco takes on McDonalds.

PODCAST: Robust jobs report for May

Jun 5, 2015
Jobs for May, OPEC's decision to keep the status quo, and the SCOTUS ruling on second mortgages.

PODCAST: Another media merger

Jun 4, 2015
Smelling salts for the bond market, and a possible mega media merger.



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