Now Playing: 06-13-2014- Morning Report- Data is King

Ahead of President Obama’s trip to a Sioux Indian reservation in the Dakotas Friday, we look at the economic and educational challenges facing American Indians, and some of the solutions that have already been tried. Plus, supposedly businesses lose hundreds of millions on Friday the 13th.  And tomorrow also includes a full moon. We investigate. Then, in healthcare these data…data is king. And the primary care offices in Camden, New Jersey have some of the most sophisticated patient data in the country. They can track their patients across the city's healthcare system…some of it in real time…with constant upgrades. But, even then, there’s only so much that data can do. And after, almost all the seafood we eat, 90%, is imported. A new study from the Fisheries Centre at the University of British Columbia, says as much of a third of wild-caught, imported seafood, is caught illegally - or without proper documentation. The United States has one of the largest seafood markets in the world and these illegal imports can add up to $2 billion dollars - a huge bite out of the pockets of American fishermen