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What's the value of undeveloped land?

Jan 2, 2008
Cities and states price out how much money they can make on new property developments. But what if that land was left alone? There may be a cash incentive to leaving nature untouched. Janet Babin reports.

Candidate platforms and lost sustainable economic development

Jan 1, 2008
Like Janne said, cellulosic ethanol is on the lips of every candidate, particularly after we collectively wiped the corn smudge off our faces when...
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Reflecting, rebuilding in New Orleans

Jan 1, 2008
Hurricane Katrina was one of the biggest lessons in being financially ready for the worst. Sam Eaton visited New Orleans for the second anniversary back in August. He found three lifelong residents who returned after the storm with a newfound sense of how to prepare for the next one.

A banner year for clean energy

Jan 1, 2008
There were plenty of downward spirals, busts and crunches in the 2007 economy, but investment in clean energy took off with plenty of big players getting involved. Sam Eaton reports.
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LEED - Green or a Game?

Dec 31, 2007
I've been doing a little early preparation for my New Year's resolution - to take the USGBC's LEED Accredited Professional test (passing not...
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Iowa: Smart Energy Policy or Ethanol?

Dec 29, 2007
Janne K. Flisrand:...
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Carriers afraid they'll cough up for CO2

Dec 21, 2007
A new E.U. bill setting CO2 limits for planes allows carriers to buy emissions permits at auctions. But Megan Williams reports the law is making some carriers anticipate paying billions and increasing ticket prices.
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Safe drinking water gets harder to tap

Dec 17, 2007
Water is the subject of a new book called "Blue Planet Run." Kai Ryssdal talked with its author and photographer Rick Smolan about how so much of the water we do have is polluted and unusable.

Drought stirs up dust between states

Dec 17, 2007
A meeting of governors for Georgia, Florida and Alabama didn't resolve their fight over ever-shorter water supplies. But they did promise to make peace before they meet again in two months. Nancy Marshall-Genzer reports on how things got so bad.

Traders consider a different green

Dec 13, 2007
Intended to tap into the fast-growing carbon allowances market, the Green Exchange, a joint venture between the New York Merchantile Exchange and big Wall Street banks, will open early next year. Sarah Gardner reports.
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