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A new home for C02 beneath your feet

Jul 11, 2008
A Canadian company plans to build a pipeline underground that can pump millions of tons of C02 a year, which would capture and store the carbon dioxide emissions. Sam Eaton reports why it may or may not work.

Update: Shh - don't tell anyone - these apartments are green!

Jul 11, 2008
About a week after this post, I received an e-mail from the marketing...
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Roadside greenwash reminders from coal country

Jul 9, 2008
Riding through Pennsylvania on my way home from a lovely family wedding a few days ago, I had a glimpse into why greenwash detectors like our blog...
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G8 gives clean coal a boost

Jul 8, 2008
As the U.S. cuts its plans for clean coal plants, the G8 nations are giving the technology a vote of confidence. But can clean coal deliver results in time to curb global warming? Sam Eaton reports.

Stop belching, Bessie! You're ruining the environment!

Jul 8, 2008
What a riot! How complex is a story about:...
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We must reduce super-sized appetites

Jul 4, 2008
Some economists believe we can innovate our way out of the global problem of carbon emissions, but Boston College professor Juliet Schor says what we really need to do is go on a consumer diet.

California unveils climate reforms

Jun 26, 2008
California has released its plans to achieve the goals of landmark global warming legislation it passed in 2006. The state wants to reduce greenhouse emissions and ramp up renewable energy production by 2020. Sam Eaton reports.

Tapping protected lands to help corn

Jun 24, 2008
Midwestern floods have hurt crops and helped bring corn prices to record highs. To help offset the problem, an Iowa senator is encouraging planting in environmentally-protected lands. Jeff Tyler has more.

Towns fight to keep groundwater local

Jun 19, 2008
A growing number of citizen groups from small towns are organizing against bottled water companies pumping locally. Sarah Gardner reports on a New Hampshire town's concerns over the tapping of its groundwater reserves.

Floods push corn prices to record

Jun 18, 2008
Midwest floods and persistent rains have washed away some corn crops, pushing prices to record highs. Jeff Tyler looks into how much ethanol has been affected and who might be hurt the most at the bottom line.