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L.A. installs water pipes that can survive disaster

Jun 17, 2015
The Japanese-made pipes don't pull apart at the joints when the earth moves.
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Trucks wait at a port with little room to grow

Jun 17, 2015
Truckers wait for hours to pick up containers at Port Newark-Elizabeth.
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The California Aqueduct is one of three  aqueducts bringing fresh water to Los Angeles. Here, where it meets the San Andreas fault, the aqueduct could break and potentially cut off some water supply in a large earthquake.

L.A.'s biggest vulnerability lies under its streets

Jun 16, 2015
A major quake could rupture the city's aging system of 7,000 miles of water pipes.
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Avocado consumption has been increasing every year since 2010.

U.S. avocado consumption is ripe

Jun 16, 2015
We take a look at what the peak market means for farmers and the industry.
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Pope calls climate change a moral issue

Jun 16, 2015
In a papal letter, Francis says wealthier countries need to help poorer ones.
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Lucy Jones on why scientists need to craft stories

Jun 16, 2015
The seismologist explains how using narratives can get your message across.
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U.S. is locked in to an aging highway system

Jun 15, 2015
Even after rehab, New Jersey's Pulaski Skyway will be functionally obsolete.
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Pope Francis greets the crowd as he arrives for an audience with the participants at the Convention of Rome Diocese at St Peter's square on Sunday at the Vatican.

The Pope's thoughts on climate change are leaked

Jun 15, 2015
An Italian magazine publishes a 192-page draft that calls for 'urgent action.'
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Show us your commute's #WeakLink

Jun 15, 2015
In a collaboration with crowdsourced navigation app Waze, we're looking at weak links in transportation.
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Migrating whales bring migrating tourists

Jun 12, 2015
The mammals bring a multi billion-dollar industry with them as they travel.
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