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Sustainability: a proliferation of definitions

Jan 11, 2008
I am thoroughly enjoying Janne's and Jim's sustainability conversation and agree that it's crucial we develop a shared understanding of...
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Response - Define "Sustainability." Please.

Jan 10, 2008
Two chocolate chip cookies are yummy. Eighteen chocolate chip cookies will make you sick. There's a similar challenge with defining...
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Define "Sustainability." Please.

Jan 10, 2008
I heard my voice on Marketplace this morning. Odd. I heard Heidi, too, for the first time ever. Nice to put a voice to a name, a face, and a...
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Experts weigh in on FTC green guides

Jan 9, 2008
The Federal Trade Commission is updating its guidelines for environmental advertising. How would green experts improve the system? Sarah Gardner asked our team of sustainability pros, a.k.a. the "Greenwash Brigade."

LEED certification in a transitional moment

Jan 8, 2008
I totally agree with Daniel Brook's premise that you can game the LEED Rating System to come up with a LEED Certified project that is decidedly NOT...
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Florida citrus may have dodged bullet

Jan 4, 2008
Yesterday's snow in Florida had many citrus growers up all night checking the temperatures of their groves. But Dan Grech reports damages might have been avoided because of winds that helped to mitigate frost.

What's the value of undeveloped land?

Jan 2, 2008
Cities and states price out how much money they can make on new property developments. But what if that land was left alone? There may be a cash incentive to leaving nature untouched. Janet Babin reports.

Candidate platforms and lost sustainable economic development

Jan 1, 2008
Like Janne said, cellulosic ethanol is on the lips of every candidate, particularly after we collectively wiped the corn smudge off our faces when...
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Reflecting, rebuilding in New Orleans

Jan 1, 2008
Hurricane Katrina was one of the biggest lessons in being financially ready for the worst. Sam Eaton visited New Orleans for the second anniversary back in August. He found three lifelong residents who returned after the storm with a newfound sense of how to prepare for the next one.