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For the sake of the sockeye salmon

Aug 26, 2008
A measure on a Homer, Alaska ballot would limit pollution from mining operations to avoid threatening salmon fisheries. But some say this is a way to avoid construction of a copper and gold mine. Emily Schwing reports.

Is an enviromaniac loose in your office?

Aug 25, 2008
While studies show that most workers want their firms to do more for the environment, some individual employees are going above and beyond the call of the carbon footprint. Beth Teitell reports.

Mower emissions will go lower

Aug 25, 2008
The Environmental Protection Agency is working on stricter emissions standards for mowers, which can emit as much smog as 34 cars. Janet Babin reports the new rules could be issued as soon as next month.

What's a sea turtle worth to you?

Aug 21, 2008
An environmental group wanted to see whether scuba divers would be willing to pay to help protect populations of ocean wildlife. A majority of divers surveyed said they would. Janet Babin reports.

Taking the temperature on Olympics greenwash

Aug 19, 2008
This Olympics has been a special one. The accomplishments of Michael Phelps, Usain Bolt, Yang Wei & co. show us all what the human body can do...
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A resurrected hope in local hydropower

Aug 15, 2008
With Vermont's contracts with out-of-state electricity plants set to expire, residents are nervous about rising rates. But a group of environmentalists may have found a local solution. Jane Lindholm reports.

Will Congress block the Michael Phelps of American energy?

Aug 14, 2008
All federal leaders these days like to give lip service to a secure and sustainable energy future for our country. But unless they renew a version...
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EPA rejects ethanol waver for Texas

Aug 7, 2008
The Environmental Protection Agency denied Texas's request for a reduction in a federal ethanol mandate. Who gains and who loses from the decision? Janet Babin reports.

How bad is greenwash? Well, it depends.

Aug 6, 2008
Siegelbaum: The debate between Joel Makower of and Jeffrey Hollender of Seventh Generation on the magnitude of greenwashing has been...
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States sue EPA over lax policies

Jul 31, 2008
Five states are suing the EPA, accusing the agency of ignoring their requests to restrict pollution from ships, airplanes and off-road vehicles. Renita Jablonski reports.