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Diesel demand, prices go into overdrive

May 16, 2008
Demand for gas may be dropping, but worldwide demand for diesel is increasing. And prices have risen nearly three times as fast as for regular gas. So refiners are going all out to boost production. Sam Eaton reports.
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BRIC could be a force for sustainability

May 16, 2008
Foreign ministers from Brazil, Russia, India and China are continuing talks today in Russia. But where some political analysts see a threat, others see potential for clean energy leadership. Sam Eaton has more.

Stalled energy policy slows business

May 15, 2008
American homeowners and businesses can now get federal tax credits for installing renewable energy systems. But those credits are scheduled to expire at year's end, which is leaving clean-energy companies in the dark. Danielle Karson reports.

Efforts to save energy are working

May 15, 2008
A new report notes it takes half as much energy today to create $1 of economic output as it did in the 1970's. Dan Grech reports new efficiencies out in the next few decades can cut energy consumption even more.

Food crisis hits middle class here, abroad

May 9, 2008
It's not just the poor who are suffering from the global food crisis. More middle-class people are having trouble feeding themselves. Sean Cole visits a family in Minnesota. Then, Gretchen Wilson reports from South Africa where home gardening is a necessity.

Wealthy nations buying up land for food

May 9, 2008
Nations such as Saudi Arabia are seeking to ensure their future food supplies by buying up productive agricultural land in other countries. Sam Eaton reports.

Shell gets a greenwash smackdown

May 9, 2008 reports that greenwash complaints in the U.K. quadrupled last year....
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Secret ingredient? A cheaper substitute

May 9, 2008
Across the country food manufacturers are struggling to handle rising costs, all the while trying to avoid raising prices. Their choices are changing the way some household food items are being made. Sam Eaton reports.

Corporate giants get fat on food crisis

May 8, 2008
In our continuing series, "Food Fight," we look at the profitable side of the global food crisis. Sarah Gardner reports on the big agribusiness firms that are breaking earnings records as everything from grains to soybeans skyrockets.

China's appetite is gobbling up supplies

May 7, 2008
Bad harvests, bad weather, bio-fuel policy.... They could all conceivably turn around. But over the long term there's one big unknown we can't really control: the growing collective appetite of China's 1.3 billion people. Scott Tong reports.