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Biz Stone and Evan Williams: Full interview transcript

Jul 8, 2010
CONVERSATIONS FROM THE CORNER OFFICE: Twitter founders Biz Stone and Evan Williams
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Mobile pay changes the way we do biz

Jul 8, 2010
Living in a digital world is changing how we live -- everything from how we get our news and information to how much money we carry in our pockets. Janet Babin reports on mobile pay via social media like Twitter or through your cell phone.

Double Rainbow Oh My God - what DOES it mean?

Jul 8, 2010
I've been as delighted as anyone with the original Double Rainbow Oh My God video. I've posted some autotune versions. I certainly enjoyed James...
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YouTube brings Leanback forward

Jul 8, 2010
Google introduced a new option on YouTube that's kind of a mashup of YouTube, Facebook, and Pandora. It's called Leanback and it provides a full...
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Double Rainbow guy speaks

Jul 8, 2010
Because we're your source for Double Rainbow Oh My God coverage. Watch CBS News Videos Online
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US government plans Perfect Citizen

Jul 8, 2010
The Wall Street Journal reports on a project to build a program to detect cyber attacks on utilities, infrastructure, and corporations. Headed by...
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The horrifying hellscape of the future, as seen by The Onion

Jul 8, 2010
The satire news publication makes its first foray into paid content with an extended newscast about the future.

Twitter founders: Grow biz, 'Be helpful'

Jul 8, 2010
From the Aspen Ideas Festival, Twitter co-founders Biz Stone and Evan Williams talk about the origins of the social networking service, the value of trivial tweets, and the monetization platform they are launching that involves promoted tweets and trends.
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Amazon gets patent for dual screen display reader

Jul 7, 2010
And Barnes & Noble does not. This could have big implications in the rapidly escalating dedicated book reading device skirmish between the two...
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U.K. investigates data on man-made global warming

Jul 7, 2010
U.K. authorities are criticizing scientists for their defensive approach towards data in an investigation on man-made global warming.
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