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Study: Lack of confidence has impact on handshake

Jul 28, 2010
New research identifies the 12 things we need to perform the perfect handshake.
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How will the Library of Congress's decision shape digital ownership?

Jul 28, 2010
The decision to allow jailbreaking -- running any sort of software on any kind of phone -- could hint at a larger change ahead in terms of digital ownership.

Cow Clicker

Jul 27, 2010
…is a very stupid game on Facebook but it's okay because it's actually a satire of how stupid Facebook games are even while it is itself...
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Apple restocks the computer store

Jul 27, 2010
Like a lot of people, I thought it was a bit odd how there was absolutely no talk of Mac computers at Apple's World Wide Developers' Conference in...
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Jul 27, 2010
Not from Frito-Lay, tragically, but from Intel. They say they've built a new chip that uses lasers instead of electronic signals and it can...
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Apple says jailbreaking will void your warranty.

Jul 27, 2010
Yesterday the Library of Congress said that if you own a smart phone, you should be able to run any kind of software that works on that phone even...
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What do the Wikileaks leaks mean in the long run?

Jul 27, 2010
The Wikileaks leak of classified documents mark a pivotal moment in an era where such a release is possible, thanks in great part to the Internet.

Want an iPad? Go to college

Jul 26, 2010
Sure, you have to pay tuition. But freshmen at Illinois Institute of Technology will each get a free iPad this fall. Which makes me think it must...
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Jul 26, 2010
The Library of Congress issued a decision on Monday that lets you run software on your smart phone even if Apple or HTC or whoever made the phone...
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Jailbreaking legal, says Library of Congress

Jul 26, 2010
The Library of Congress' Copyright Office ruled that "jailbreaking" -- the act of breaking through copyright controls on phones to use your own apps -- is legal. But what does this mean for phone users and service providers?