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The Wikipedia entry on the Iraq War in 12 handy bound volumes

Sep 17, 2010
The history of the Iraq War is still being written. And it is being written, every day, on Wikipedia. Writer, editor, and publisher James Bridle about his 12-volume set of books compiling Wikipedia material related to the war from 2004 to 2009.

Future Tense becomes Marketplace Tech Report

Sep 17, 2010
Hi everyone. John Moe here. Starting Monday, September 20th, Future Tense will be going by the name Marketplace Tech Report. Producer Larissa An...
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Google and competition

Sep 17, 2010
On Thursday, a House subcommittee heard testimony about Google and the issues of competition and dominance in the digital marketplace....
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Silicon Valley's uneven employment rates

Sep 17, 2010
While hundreds of positions are open at the tech companies of Silicon Valley, the unemployment rate is still 11.5 percent. The divide between the young engineers and the old may play a role, and that divide may be getting wider.
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Bronado is the new Double Rainbow

Sep 17, 2010
There was some heavy weather in Brooklyn yesterday. A tornado? A funnel cloud?...
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Best Buy CEO: iPads are murdering laptops

Sep 17, 2010
Interesting article in the Wall Street Journal as the holiday shopping season approaches. People are leaning toward buying smaller stuff. They're...
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New marketing: getting it right, getting it wrong

Sep 17, 2010
Right:McDonald's increased foot traffic in its stores by 33% in one day by using FourSquare. This according to the company's head of social media...
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Sep 17, 2010
As if we didn't have enough to worry about with the robots, now we gotta worry about rapidly smartifying crows. We've known for a while that crows...
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SLIDESHOW: Translating a privacy policy

Sep 17, 2010
Reporter Sally Herships had lawyer Francoise Gilbert look at the privacy policy of shopping social network Blippy.

102.5 mpg vehicle wins the X Prize

Sep 16, 2010
Yes yes, but does it have cup holders?
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