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Microsoft really wants you to use Vista

Apr 10, 2009
Microsoft will soon end support for XP in an effort to push its Vista operating system. But with many computers still running on XP and a lot of resistance to the newer system is this a good idea? Tamara Keith reports.
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Asphalt shortage makes recovery rough

Jan 6, 2009
President-elect Obama wants to spend nearly $300 billion on infrastructure projects to create jobs and boost the ailing economy. But road and bridge repairs will require a lot of asphalt, and as Joel Rose reports, a shortage of it could spell trouble.
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AOL disconnecting its dial-up

Jun 17, 2008
Believe it or not, AOL still makes up to $2 billion a year from its dial-up business. But parent Time Warner hopes to sell off the dial-up wing within the next few months. Bob Moon tries connecting with its users.

Electronic health records aren't cutting costs so far

Jan 11, 2013
Clunky programs, high costs and incompatible systems are factors in failure to save billions.
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Who is selling and buying your information online?

Jun 22, 2012
An online security expert tells us what companies are doing about the safety of your personal data online.
Posted In: online, web privacy, stalking, data security, cybersecurity

Home DNA kits -- to test or not to test?

May 16, 2012 unveils new, more advanced DNA testing.
Posted In: Tech Report, dna, genetic testing

Taking humans out of the supermarket checkout

Mar 27, 2012
Retail is getting more and more "robotified," and where it's most evident is the self checkout kiosks at supermarkets. Retail clerks are finding themselves displaced by the machines.
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'Homeless Hotspots' from the ground level

Mar 13, 2012
The "Homeless Hotspots" program unveiled at South by Southwest has ignited both outrage and support. But participants in the Front Steps homeless shelter say it's a beneficial program.
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New light bulb lexicon

Mar 1, 2012
New government guidelines are taking incandescent bulbs off the market, leaving us with compact fluorescents and LEDs. But now there's a new language for bulb shoppers to learn.
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Crap technology, not crappy

Dec 1, 2011
Thomas Hayden discusses the advantages of using what he calls "crap" technology.
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