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Samsung enters the smart pay world.

How big is too big for a mobile phone?

Aug 12, 2015
On Thursday, Samsung is expected to unveil new models of its Galaxy smartphones.
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Doctor housecalls are back with the click of button

Aug 10, 2015
Heal promises an MD in an hour for $99. Renee Dua is the mother of the invention.
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Silicon Tally: The hitchhiker robot's guide to the galaxy

Aug 7, 2015
How well have you kept up with the week in tech news?

Yo La Tengo's James McNew likes things that don't sound right

Aug 6, 2015
"Noise Makers" continues with a conversation on the merits of toy instruments.
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Netflix will now offer employees unlimited parental leave.

When will we see tech industry benefits for everyone?

Aug 5, 2015
Probably not for a while, but there is a ripple effect.
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A still of an HBO Now ad. For the launch of the service, HBO teamed up with Major League Baseball Advanced Media.

Thank Major League Baseball for your streaming content

Aug 5, 2015
BAM is the leading builder of live-streaming services. Why not spin it off?
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 An exterior view of an Airbus plant.

Airbus-patented jet able to fly more than 3,000 miles per hour

Aug 4, 2015
You'll be able to get from London to New York in that hour.
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Aprecia Pharmaceuticals' new 3-D printed pills — the first FDA-approved 3-D printed drug product.

Drug made with 3-D printer wins first FDA approval

Aug 4, 2015
Aprecia Pharmaceuticals got the OK for its epilepsy drug.
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Black Caucus and Silicon Valley talk minority hiring

Aug 4, 2015
Tech companies don't employ many blacks. Traditional hiring practices may need review.
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Maps for autonomous vehicles go beyond directions

Aug 4, 2015
The minutiae and the stakes of mapping technology.
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