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An unusually quiet summer day at the Port of Willapa Harbor in Tokeland, Washington. Normally, crabbing boats would be going out to set crab pots or returning with a fresh catch. But a toxic algae bloom has closed the crab harvest.

Toxic algae bloom endangers Washington livelihoods

Jul 8, 2015
State's Dungeness fishery has kept its crab pots idle for weeks.
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Though helium is commonly associated with balloons, the element is also used in the computer chip and fiber optics industries.

Why the government keeps a helium reserve

Jul 8, 2015
Originally for the military, it's now critical in medical and research labs.
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Subway suspends relationship with Jared Fogle

Jul 8, 2015
Authorities raided the pitchman's home on Tuesday. Now the chain faces a dilemma.
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What it's like to start a business on Instagram

Jul 7, 2015
Max Dower turned his goofy doodles into a successful clothing line.
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Corn processors take aim at sugar

Jul 7, 2015
Corn processors want to kill government supports for rival sugar industry.
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A KFC branch in Yangon, Myanmar.

Can the new Colonel Sanders save KFC?

Jul 7, 2015
KFC's parent company is investing $185 million in the fast-food chain.
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Campo, CO has a speed limit of 30 miles per hour between 1st and 8th streets. Drivers coming through the town will notice four speed limit signs, limiting speeds from 65 down to 30 mph. In 2014, the Campo police force wrote 1,206 traffic tickets.

When speed traps keep a city budget afloat

Jul 7, 2015
Some cities in the U.S. rely heavily on speeding tickets and revenue from other infractions to keep their budgets afloat.
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Unlimited vacation anyone?

Jul 7, 2015
What happens when a company offers its employees unlimited time off.
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Original Oreos.

Oreos are slimming down

Jul 6, 2015
The sandwich cookie will now come in a thinner variety.
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Now you can authorize mobile payments with a selfie

Jul 3, 2015
Buy some coffee, take a selfie. Buy a shirt, take a selfie. Buy some ice cream...
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