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Newspapers profit despite slow sales

Dec 6, 2007
The newspaper industry may be struggling, but newspapers are still managing to turn a profit. Stacey Vanek-Smith reports why it may be a bit hasty of editors and publishers to start making cutbacks.

Gold standard won't make things better

Dec 5, 2007
It's been such a tough year for the greenback that Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul has suggested a return to the gold standard. Commentator David Frum says that's a really bad idea.
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Plug-in hybrids need more juice

Dec 5, 2007
Environmentalists have been pushing car companies to put plug-in hybrids on the market because they would use even less gasoline than current hybrids. Well, they're here. Sort of. Sarah Gardner reports.
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Nielsen to target illegal Web videos

Dec 5, 2007
Producers of all kinds of TV programming are fighting what some argue is a losing battle against pirated video online. But as of today there's a new sheriff for hire. Lisa Napoli reports.
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Mortgage-freeze plan is on its way

Dec 5, 2007
That mortgage relief the White House has been promising is apparently on the way. Word today is that a plan now is in place to freeze interest rates for some homeowners. Jill Barshay explains.
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Job numbers could indicate slowdown

Dec 5, 2007
The good news is that there are fewer reported lay-offs for 2007 than the previous year. The bad news is there are also fewer new jobs being created. So what does this mean for the economy overall? Dan Grech has more.
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Santa's high-ranking retail helpers

Dec 5, 2007
To give the elves an extra hand, or maybe just to boost their reputations, CEOs of big retailers have been joining the ranks with their staff, answering phones and working the floors. Stacey Vanek-Smith reports.
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The subprime effect on new Americans

Dec 5, 2007
Subprime mortgages may be hurting the market now, but at some point these loans helped someone buy their first home. Dan Grech has the story of one immigrant family's housing success, then struggle.
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Gold, frankincense, myrrh and Red Bull

Dec 5, 2007
Red Bull's attempt to take liberties with the nativity scene in one of its TV ads didn't go over very well in Italy. Megan Williams has the story on how the ad managed to offend the Catholic Church enough to get pulled.

Goodwill goes 'vintage,' gets trendy

Dec 4, 2007
With yesterday's fashions filling trendy shops, what's old isn't just new again, it's new and expensive. No surprisee, then, that even Goodwill stores are getting some fashion sense. Andrea Gardner reports.
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