Million Bazillion Resources for Teachers

Are you an educator looking for activities, lesson plans and worksheets to teach your students more about money, business and the economy? If so, you’re in the right place!

If you’re a parent or guardian looking for more activities to do with your child to help dollars make more sense, check out this page of helpful resources and conversation starters.

Hey teachers,

If you’re looking for additional materials to help your students learn more about money and how it works, check out the following activities from Million Bazillion Academy, appropriate for kids of all ages. Each lesson includes a podcast episode, a companion worksheet, a comic and discussion questions to let kids apply what they’ve learned to the real world. Read the description for each lesson and click below to get started.

Million Bazillion Academy: Negotiation

This week, we’re learning how to get what we want through negotiation. It’s about empowering kids, and hopefully avoiding nasty arguments, by employing new skills like active listening and compromise. Once you’ve become a negotiation expert, it can help with all kinds of things, like buying a car or accepting a job offer. But it’s also really useful right now! We’ll put our new skills to the test and help our friend Ruby, who wants to ask her parents for a new smartphone. Plus, we’ve got some great knock-knock jokes, and LeVar Burton tells us who he wants to see on U.S. currency.

Million Bazillion Academy: Saving

Jed’s treehouse needs repairs, but it’s gonna cost more than he has right now. Saving money can be tough — and even tougher to talk about! So this week on the show we’re gonna get the conversation started and learn a few ways to think about spending and saving our money. We’ll sit down with some experts, do some mythbusting around saving and hear from a young Dollar Scholar who’s got a unique way of keeping track of her savings. Plus, singer Natasha Bedingfield’s got a cheeky idea for a twist on the piggy bank.

Million Bazillion Academy: The pink tax

One of our inquisitive listeners, Isabella, noticed when she was shopping online that women’s clothing was more expensive than men’s clothing — and she thought that was unfair. Turns out, it happens a lot.

The same or really similar items, from school supplies to sports equipment, often cost more when they’re designed to look like they were made for girls. People have taken to calling this phenomenon the pink tax.

This week, we’ll learn more about why it happens and what’s being done about it. We’ll also ask some random kids a not-so-random question, and Bridget will introduce us to her new smart speaker — which has oddly great taste in music.

Million Bazillion Academy: Advertising

Advertisers have lots of ways of persuading us to buy their stuff. Sometimes you might not even realize it’s happening … until you find yourself riding around town on an ice-cream-making scooter. (Don’t worry, we’ll explain.) This week on the show, we’ll learn how to spot an ad and identify the tricks they use to win you over. And we’ll learn how to defend against them — from our special guest, Capt. Kimberly.

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