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Quiz: Snacking on standards

New federal school-nutrition rules took effect this school year.

Quiz: College tuition for the asking

Researchers estimate that two-thirds of community college students would qualify for federal grants, but not all of them apply.

Quiz: Teens get fewer zzzzzs

Teens have been losing sleep for two decades.

Quiz: Breaking breakfast records

The federal School Breakfast Program fed more low-income student students than ever before in the 2013 school year.

Quiz: Living close to the community

Less than 25 percent of community colleges provide on-campus housing, but the number of schools with dorms is growing.

Quiz: College completion gap widens

College completion rates for Americans with the highest family incomes have been rising, but the rates for lower families incomes have not changed.

Quiz: The most popular freshman hobbies

The percentage of freshmen who reported socializing for than less than 5 hours a week reached an all-time high last year.

Quiz: Where cafeteria food doesn’t come cheap

K-12 funding shrank between 2011 and 2012, but schools still have mouths to feed.

Quiz: Higher ed in the halls of Congress

The education industry spent more than $79 million lobbying the federal government last year, according to

Quiz: When higher education runs in the family

Compared to other nations, American adults are less likely to be more educated than their parents.