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Kraft Foods Group Inc. said it will merge with H.J. Heinz Co. to form the third largest food and beverage company in North America with revenue of about $28 billion.

The investors behind the Kraft-Heinz merger

Stan Alcorn | Mar 25, 2015
What happens when you combine two companies to make the world's fifth largest food and beverage company?
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The fight over America's rails

Nancy Marshall-Genzer | Mar 25, 2015
A train whistle can evoke far-away places and adventure. Also, lawsuits.
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PODCAST: What do you do with a liberal arts education?

David Brancaccio | Mar 25, 2015
A giant food merger, RadioShack's batteries die, and a look at the liberal arts education.

State pension checkup: Better, still not great

Tim Fitzsimons | Mar 25, 2015
The economic recovery means smaller liabilities for public pension funds.
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A RadioShack store in Miami.

A pre post-mortem for RadioShack

David Brancaccio | Mar 25, 2015
How did it come to this?
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Using technology to empower women in Saudi Arabia

Ben Johnson and Aparna Alluri | Mar 25, 2015
Princess Reema talks about her efforts to train women to join the workforce.

University of Phoenix faces new competition for online students

Amy Scott | Mar 25, 2015
For-profit colleges have seen enrollments decline due to an improving economy.
Shares slump after Kraft recalls over 6 million boxes of macaroni and cheese.

It's the cheesiest...and now the ketchup-iest, too

Tony Wagner and Tobin Low | Mar 25, 2015
Here are the numbers we're reading and watching for Wednesday.

Women in construction: few and far between

Mitchell Hartman | Mar 24, 2015
Women make up fewer than 3 percent of construction workers.

‘Corporate sponsored art’ isn’t as bad as it sounds

Kai Ryssdal | Mar 24, 2015
Writers and artists are finding financial support from Corporate America.